Grow Creative is proud to offer a small range of distinctive services, centred around the WordPress ecosystem and celebrating its elegant potential.

Focus your offering they said! Find your people!

Well, this is the focussed offering – WordPress expertise. Buckets of it. Are you potentially the people (or person) in need of some WordPress help?

Hourly Website Development.

Ideal for individuals or companies needing to outsource their website development and upgrade needs. Pretty standard. You pay someone who knows what they’re doing to get it done properly. This service is priced at £75/hour (including VAT). After a complimentary 45-minute consultation (usually over zoom), we provide a project estimate based on your requirements and budget. The estimated hours are agreed upon with the client, ensuring clarity and alignment of vision. Projects range from the small and swift to the large and long. Measure twice, cut once.

Zoom Tutorials.

Priced at £75 (including VAT) for a 45-minute WordPress tutorial, these sessions are designed for teams of up to 6 people. Sometimes it’s a team of people who need to know how to upload blogs and newsletters. Sometimes it Junior who needs a refresher on how to manage his Flower Shop orders. Attendees will discover invaluable WordPress tips and tricks to help them with the day to day running of their website. Each session includes time for requests and Q&A. Additionally, participants receive a downloadable PDF after every session, summarising the key points covered.

Managed WordPress Hosting.

Grow Creative currently hosts 67 WordPress websites (last updated 25th June 2024) on its cloud-based platform, with a service limit of 100 clients. This limit is in place for several reasons that we’ll detail later. The hosting service costs £399/year (including VAT) for annual payments, or £39.99/month (including VAT) for a monthly rolling contract. The Managed Hosting Service comes with heaps of benefits to the client, which fundamentally revolve around them not having to worry about a thing.

100% Free Online Consultation.

Have questions about website design and development? Interested in WordPress management or hosting? We offer a completely free online consultation. Lasting up to 45 minutes with no hard sell, these sessions allow you to explore any aspect of website design and maintenance. With nearly two decades of experience, we provide valuable insights and are a great sounding board for any ideas you have.


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